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Platinum Lotus Productions, founded by Alan Francis Ang, is an internet movie production group based in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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 Tristan Ang

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PostSubject: Tristan Ang   Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:14 pm

Born and baptised as Alistair Tris Ang. His friends call him Tris, or Tristan, the ladies call him Tristan The Man, Gentleman Extraordinaire, and recently, he has been hailed as Tristanus, vampire of Transylvania!

Tristan, as we fondly call him, is a post modern representation of ego, danger, and hotness. He enjoys referring himself as the epitome of nerd and sexiness. At age 11, he began driving his dad's Toyota Prado, without a license, without supervision. At age 16, when he finally got his license, he "accidentally" hit his mom's Nissan X-Trail using his dad's Ford Everest. Boy, was he drunk or what? At 18, he met bodybuilder Gib Osbert, and it was that time where Tristan decided to be "Gentleman Extraordinaire". It became a success! In the summer of 2007, Tristan magnificently gained hotness and glamour with his new body. Standing at 6'1, 185 pounds, he became a center of attraction to women... young and old alike. However, it was also during that summer that his girlfriend, who wishes not to be named, left him. Down and depressed, the hot youngster destroyed the body that Gib Osbert chiseled into perfection. But a recent interview with Tristan revealed that he has finally moved on and is back on the road to winning back the glory that he once had!

PlatinumLotus: Tristan, are the rumors true?
Tristan: Yeah, I've moved on. Past was past, whats important is now. I'm on my way to being who I was. You all knew that during the 90's I was a legend to begin with.
PlatinumLotus: What have you accomplished so far?
Tristan: Back to basics. I've started lifting weights again, jogging, art. My life is pretty positive nowadays.
PlatinumLotus: What drives you?
Tristan: Well, *blushes*, aside from all the sexy ladies out there, and the hot mommas, I've decided to regain form thanks to Platinum Lotus Productions. They saw me, a washed up has-been who never got to shine that much during his career, and said: "Hey, why don't we give you a second chance?". And I was like... "Whoa... Really???". Moments later, I got my contract and a Monte Blanc pen. The director almost choked on his cigar after hearing my acceptance of his offer.
PlatinumLotus: Is there someone new?
Tristan: Soon to be revealed.
PlatinumLotus: Anything you'd like to say to the readers of this article?
Tristan: Well of course. Always remember that when stones flew, Jesus withdrew. But after the stones came flying, Jesus came back and won the hearts of the crowd! I'm Tristan The Man, still Gentleman Extraordinaire. Nice, Smooth, Indeed.

Before Tristan associated with Platinum Lotus, he had small time affiliations with Racquel Dudley, in their production line Tracq Records, which produces music videos using World of Warcraft game shots. Tristan also writes fantasy novels under the pen name Tristagne Sage. He has recently constructed a portfolio for his artwork entitled After the Rain, and another portfolio for his compositions in poems and songs. Aren't we lucky enough to have such a talented individual like Tristan?

Latest news claims that Tristan will be performing in Platinum Lotus' upcoming production of Meet Joe Brad. Check the site from time to time for more details and release dates.
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Tristan Ang
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