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Platinum Lotus Productions, founded by Alan Francis Ang, is an internet movie production group based in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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 Guy who does most of the acting...

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PostSubject: Guy who does most of the acting...   Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:48 pm

Name: Nico Tongson
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 10, 1990
Age: 18
Occupation: Actor, Guitarist, Administrator, Moderator, Computer Addict, Forum Developer

Projects I Starred in:
[1] Suicide video (where i jump off a 5 storey building)
[2] Neskape (Don't watch it its like half funny and half porn...alan's idea)
[3] Pokemon Battle Spoof (ROFL)
[4] Smooth Agent goes to Mr. Bunny's House (Video gone forever)
[5] Smooth Agent in Hostage Situation (Video also lost forever)
[6] Alan's Dream (Which involved only my friendster pics but still it was my face)
[7] I Choose You!

Upcoming Projects:
[1] Twilight Spoof
[2] Imaginary Things (or something like that alan hasn't given a specific title yet)

Yes you can really say that I'm the guy who has been doing most of the acting the previous years...i mean the first video we made was...uhmmm...when i jump off a 5 storey building? yes that was it...ah good times...i remember that was totally uncalled for...alan was taking a video of me like getting mad and everything...then suddenly i get the weird idea of jumping outside the room's window (which i eventually did after like 1min. of the clip)...well in the end both my legs hurt so much...i looked like i really committed suicide (but that's simon's offense) but what happened was i just landed on the balcony floor...on BOTH KNEES! so...well...that hurt...but it was a good clip...our classmates really thought i did it coz i was absent the following day...
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Guy who does most of the acting...
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