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Platinum Lotus Productions, founded by Alan Francis Ang, is an internet movie production group based in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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 BladeMaster DemonHunter Rumble!!

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PostSubject: BladeMaster DemonHunter Rumble!!   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:19 am

Ok, i made this map, its an edited ver. of Blademaster ver Demonhunter.. Let me explain the gameplay, mechanics, and techniques.

The objective of the game is to conquer the opposing faction simply just by killing heroes. Example, your a blademaster, therefore you kill demonhunters.

The mode is set by the Blue Player, wheter it needs 50, 75, 100, or 125 kills to win.

Being on a particular faction has its ups and downs, which i will explain later.

You start off with 200 gold, and you earn 5 gold/sec. With the money, you can buy spells from your respective trainers, or buy items from shops and vendors. Learning spells early game is much more important than buying items, so within the first 10-15 minutes, concentrate on learning and maxing out spells.

Items are useful later in the game, where your item greatly benefits from your spells. Tomes come in much late game, where you have completed your core item build and have spare cash.

Neutral creeps are spread across the map. They serve only as a bounty farm for early game. They will not respawn, so it is best early game to keep on farming rather than hunting out heroes.

At the bottom right corner of the map, that is where the Bosses are. Killing a boss yields certain items that have unique abilities. After killing a boss, a next boss will respawn a minute later. There are 4 bosses, and one final boss in the top-left corner which you can only access via waygate.

The Waygate is guarded by two guards, who are relatively strong and might prove to be a challenge. After entering the waygate, you will encounter the Final Boss Guardian, which is guarding you guessed it, the final boss.

Every time you kill a hero, that will count as a score. Example, the mode is 50 kills. You killed 2 heroes, so that means you need 48 more, to win the game.

Dying from neutral creeps does not count against your score. You do not lose gold when you die, nor experience, so its ok early game to die to neutral creeps.

Some items combine, and some items drop when the carrier dies, so be careful because some item drops might prove to be a turning point in the game.

1st Boss - Ven'gyr
Has low HP, chaos damage, medium attackspeed.
Has a 35% lifesteal aura, and Carrion Swarm.
Drops Ven'Gyr's Glove

2nd Boss - Thebis-Ra
Has medium HP, fast attackspeed
Has Spiked Carapace, and Impale
Drops Thebis-Ra's Claw

3rd Boss - Lord Nightsorrow
Has high HP, chaos damage, fast attackspeed
Has Death Coil and Unholy Aura
Drops Nightsorrow's Sword

4th Boss - Ordin Frostbane
Has high HP, ranged chaos damage, fast sttackspeed
Has Frost Nova and Frost Armor
Drops Ordin's Heart

Final Boss - ??
Has REALLY HIGH HP, Grows stronger when more heroes die, Really large chaos damage, REALLY FAST ATTACKSPEED
Has Bash, Pulverize, Impenetrable Skin, Warstomp, Lifesteal
Drops Death's Grip

Special Creeps:
Rambo Dude
Wields a heavy duty machine gun that fires unlimited amounts of ammo. His machine gun mysteriously never overheats.
Drops 1/3 of Something.

Nico Tongson
A knight in rusty armor. Banished from his homeland for counts of adultery, he wandered to far away lands. Legend has it that during his exodus, he came across something mystical.
Drops 1/3 of Something.

Forest Yeti
The Forest Yetis found something in the forest. But with their cunning nature, they decided to hide it amongst themselves.
Drops 1/3 of Something.

Collect all 3 Pieces, and it will form the Lost Artifact of the Cloudseeker. But be careful, because the pieces will drop upon death. Even the artifact, although complete, will drop too.

Special Items:
Power Treads: Increases movement speed by 60 and attackspeed by 30%
-Boots of Speed
-Gloves of Haste

Lost Artifact of the Cloudseekers:+30 to all stats, and has the ability to summon a Cloudseeker
-1/3 of Something
-1/3 of Something
-1/3 of Something

Elemental Crystal:+100 to all stats, and can cast a 25000 damage Elemental Shock.

Blademaster - They are quick and agile. They rely in finesse and agility.
-High Damage Spells
-Has numerous escape spells
-Has long ranged spells
-Strong Early to Mid Game

-No definite stun whatsoever
-Slow is mediocre(25%)

BladeStorm - Deals 100/125/150/175 damage per second for 5 seconds. Gains magic immunity.
Max Level Bonus: Sends out 70 damage waves towards all directions

Sonic Blade - Deals 135/200/275/350 damage in a wave.

Meteor Strike - Leaps in the air and stikes from above. Deals 120/200/280/360 damage.
Max Level Bonus: Slows for 25% for 5 seconds.

BlinkStorm - Becomes invulnerable and slashes the enemy 5 times. Deals 25/50/75/100 damage per strike.
Max Level Bonus: Jumps up in the ground and slams the ground underneath, dealing 150 damage, and stunning for 1.5 seconds.

Windwalk - Becomes invisible for 20 seconds, gaining a 20/30/40/55% movespeed bonus. When breaking the invisibility, the Blademaster deals a bonus 75/100/125/150 damage.

Critical Strike - Has a 20% chance to deal 1.5x/2/2.5x/3x damage.

Mirror Image - Duplicates himself into 2/3/4/5. Images deal 10%/20%/30%/30% damage and take 300% damage. Lasts 20 seconds.

DemonHunter - Strong and Powerful. They rely on brute strength, as well as speed in combat.
-Lots and lots of stuns
-Is more combat-oriented than BladeMasters
-Has a lot of disables
-Strong Late Game

-Most of their spells are single targeted, as opposed to Blademasters
-They have no escape spell whatsoever
-Cannot do much while blademaster is magic immune

Berserker Dance - Becomes invulnerable and goes berserk on a target unit slashing it 10 times. Each slash deal 12/24/36/48 damage. Knocks back the enemy during the last slash.
Max Level Bonus: Deals 150 damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds around the demonhunter.

Energy Ball - Deals 100/175/250/325 damage and stuns for 2 second.
Max Level Bonus: Deals 300 damage around the target.

Mana Burn - Burns mana, and deals damage equal to the amount of mana drained. Burns 100/200/300/400 mana.

Evasion - Evades 7%/14%/21%/28% of attacks.

Demon Stomp - Deals 75/150/200/250 damage and stuns for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.
Max Level Bonus: 30 damage Energy waves shoot out around the demon hunter.

Lightning Stike - Deals 100/150/200/250 damage, reduces enemy damage by 5%/10%/15%/20% for 5 seconds and slows for 10%/15%/20%/25%.
Max Level Bonus: Shocks all nearby enemies by 60 damage.

Immolation - Deals 25/50/75/100 damage per second around the demonhunter. Drains mana until deactivated.

Items(aside from the obvious):
1500 gold
Passive: Permanent Invisibility
-Easily countered by the Cloudseeker's Revelation, or by Wards.

Simon's Mythical Ale
500 gold/potion
Charged: Divine Shield, lasts 15 seconds
-Cooldown is 60 seconds

Horn of Freon
900 gold
Active: AoE Heal/Mana Restore
Passive: Heals 1% of Max HP/Sec to nearby allies excluding yourself
-Pretty much pwn from early to late game

Noob Item from alanfrancisang
Passive: Upon death, it will deal 700 physical damage to nearby enemies.
-Its free, so take it

Joe Brad's Gay Dagger of Homosexuality
2775 gold
Active: Blink
-boooooring... and gay

The Huzzlar
3100 gold
Active: Polymorph
-Hurts late game..

Tristan's Forbidden Aegis
5000 gold
Passive: +3000 HP, +200 armor
Drops upon Death-pretty much useful from start to finish, although it drops when you die.

Ven'Gyr's Glove
1st Boss Drop
Passive: +7 damage, 35% lifesteal aura, and a passive 15% 250 damage carrion swarm.
-Vampiric aura is cool, carrion swarm is pwn

Thebis-Ra's Claw
2nd Boss Drop
Active: 200 damage 2 second stun impale
Passive: +12 damage, +2 armor
-impale is awesome for both factions.

Nightsorrow's Sword
3rd Boss Drop
Active: 500 damage Death Coil. Heals half on allied heroes and self.
Passive: Unholy Aura and +20 damage
-Nice nuke, sweet heal. 10 sec cd.

Ordin's Heart
4th Boss Drop
Active: 350 damage Frost Nova
Passive: +500 mana, Greater Mana Regeneration
-Frost Nova is pure pwn, slow and damage, not to mention juicy 500 bonus mana.

Death's Grip
Final Boss Drop
Passive: +500 damage, +40% attackspeed
Drops upon Death-Really interesting and fun until you've dropped it and then realized your pretty much fucked.

Has no attack whatsoever but has awesome spells.
2000 HP
1500 Mana
5 Hero Armor

Cyclone - Throws unit in the air for 20 seconds(lasts shorter for heroes)
Chain Lightning - Deals 800 damage to a maximum of 5 units
Phase Shift - Shifts out of existence to avoid incoming damage
Revelation - Detects nearby invisible units
Spell Immunity

Bonus Material
Since you guys are reading this in the Platinum Lotus Website, i decided to give you guys special info about the game.

1.) Veng'Gyr's Glove Passive Carrion Swarm works on illusions(5 heroes with passive 250 damage carrion swarm O_O)
2.) DemonHunters are much more likely to kill the Final Boss earlier because they have:
-Energy Ball stun
-Demon Stomp stun
-Demon Blade Knockback
and then lets assume
-Most have Bashers
So perma stun Final Boss and he will crawl
3.) Blademasters are very very strong super late game. Critical Strike + Mirror Image = Pwn.
4.) The Location of the Yeti 1/3 of Something Piece is behind the Waygate, near a cave. Yep, he's hiding there..
5.) Sentry Wards DO detect invisible units
6.) You can buy from opposite faction trainers, but i'd advise against it as it messes up with your hotkeys
7.) The 25000 damage Elemental Shock can be easily countered by alanfrancisang's Spere Spell Block
8.) Its cheaper to buy Tome of Knowledge than specific Tomes
9.) Suiciding with Noob Item from alanfrancisang is the fastest way to clear the Gate Guardians early game, because the Noob Item Deals Siege Damage, and Gate Guardians have fortified armor.
10.) The best item to buy early game is Horn of Freon. It heals 500 HP/250 Mana, 20 second CD, Heals 1% of Max HP to allies, and only costs 900 gold.
11.) Mystic Void may seem like an imba item, but late game, you wont be casting much spells, therefore the magic resistance goes to waste. Unless you're up against an Elemental Crystal :/
12.) The names mentioned in the game are members of this Production Group, although some are not. Members are as follows:
-Nico Tongson aka Freon Cloudseeker
-Ken Uy aka Specterreaper
-Simon Torre aka Sai Kanzen
-Alan Francis Ang aka alanfrancisang
-Alistair Tris Ang aka Tristan D Man
-Joe Brad Fernandez aka Joe Brad Fernandez(wtf?!)
Changelog 12/24/08:
-Improved Mana Burn from burning 75/125/175/250 mana to 100/200/300/400 mana.
-Improved Immolation from dealing 15/25/35/45 damage per second to dealing 25/50/75/100 damage per second.
-Increased Sonic Blade's AoE a little
-Added an extra image to Mirror Image but nerfed damage dealt by images.
-Increased stun from Energy Ball from 1 second to 2 seconds.
-Added an Item Section in the Topic
-Added Cloudseeker Section in the Topic
Ok, so thats it for now, ill update this post next time cos im gonna start playing it now! ^_^ lol!
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BladeMaster DemonHunter Rumble!!
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