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Platinum Lotus Productions, founded by Alan Francis Ang, is an internet movie production group based in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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PostSubject: Equipment!   Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:45 pm

Ok, here are the list of equipmest as of 12/30/08

1.) Sony V8-25CLH Video Camera - Old school, but still beats the quality of our other video cameras. Only problem is, It still uses 19th Century Tapes, so we need conv hardware just to get it on the Vegas.

2.) Sony DCR-DVD653 Handycam - Standard. DVD vids make it easier for editing, and we can upload it faster to the computer. The quality is good, has better nightshots than the V8 though.

3.) DDV-9500 Pocket Camera - Outtakes Galore! This baby Micro SD memory, so its compact, reliable, easy to share, and can still take a decent shot. Flash is weak, but we have lighting in the studio(haha well, we will once we clean up the studio).

4.) 2 Tripods - One is a generic brand but is really good, doesnt cost much, but kind of stiff sometimes. The other one is a Velbon CX 440, got it from Japan, its awesome, nice rotation, smooth swerves. A little smaller than the other one, but is ideal for those close ups. Also, the Velbon cost me around $450 so its way better than the generic one i bought for $80.

5.) 3 Personal computers. All for production purposes, although we are just using one atm because we still are having problems with the crew. I really dont know the specs, all i know they have 120GB HD each and i think 256 or 512 RAM. Decent comps.

6.) A bunch of lighting and electrical equipment - About $300 worth of stuff lying around the room. We still havent fixed the studio and it is a mess(the Studio used to be a friggin large guest room but since we have an extra guest room, we decided to turn it into a studio.

Misc. - - - - -
1.) DSC T-7 Cybershot - Older cybershot, only 5.1 MP, but hey, it fits in your pocket like a wallet.

2.) DSC T-100 Cybershot - Much better than the T-7, stylish Red case, always wanna hold it when there are ladies around! haha, but seriously. 8.1 MP will impress the ladies. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Equipment!   Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:00 pm

1.) Sony V8-25CLH Video Camera...err...and/or only used as a flashlight during night scenes lol!
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PostSubject: VANITY FAIR   Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:34 am

OK. I've decided to take snapshots of the equipment we currently have... stay tuned.
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PostSubject: Re: Equipment!   

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