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Platinum Lotus Productions, founded by Alan Francis Ang, is an internet movie production group based in Bacolod City, Philippines.
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 *Blink* I'm here!

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PostSubject: *Blink* I'm here!   Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:58 pm

Hey, the name's Simon Javier G. Torre and I'm probably an actor or an extra around here, I'm not really sure myself. Anyway, I was one of the original actors for early short clips such as "Blink" where I co-starred with Earl Alvior. Said clip is now lost forever but that won't stop us from moving on. I also co-star with Earl in such clips as Pokemon Battle Stadium. Unfortunately, Earl is being an ass and refuses to contact us regarding such matters. Glad to meet you all!
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*Blink* I'm here!
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